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  • 1.5mL 8-425 Vials

LabScie® supply 8-425 standard screw thread, small caliber, for GC and HPLC, always be applied to Shimadzu, Spectra-Physics, Varian, and other autosampler. It is suitable for autosampler and sample storage. It can be used with matched septa. Caps are made of high quality propylene, precise manufacturing tolerances, well-controlled manufacturing environment. We use best material to producing our septum to ensure the efficient functionality of products.


Model: 2ml 8mm small opening screw-thread vial

Volume: 2.0ml (standard volume)

Specification: 12*32mm vial, septa 8*1.5mm PTFE/silicone, 8mm PP cap

Writing area: with or without 

Color: Clear, Amber

Material: domestic borosilicate or  USP type1

Packaging: 100pcs/pk

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