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LabScie® Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) column manufacture ensures a controlled particle size distribution, providing reproducible flow characteristics and low backpressure for automation-friendly SPE columns. An even particle size distribution within the bed eliminates channeling, providing a larger surface area of sorbent available for interaction. LabScie® SPE columns offer reproducible and reliable sample preparation in a traditional format. The polypropylene columns are chemically resistant. Two polyethylene frits are used to support the sorbent bed within the column. The columns are ideal for large samples and conform to industry standard configurations. Samples can be processed through the columns by vacuum, by positive pressure or by centrifugation. LabScie® offers a variety of specifications of the SPE column, 100 mg/1ml, 200 mg/3ml, 500 mg/3ml, 500 mg/6ml, 1000 mg/6ml, etc. And filling material include C18, C18 - ne, C8, C2, PHE, CN, PSA, NH2, SAX, SCX, Silica, Florisil, AL - A, AL - B, AL - N, GCB, PLS, PAX, PCX, idea, WCX.


Product feature:

  • Rapid sample preparation within minutes
  • Higher recoveries without the formation of emulsion
  • High precision of analytical results by use of disposable cartridges
  • Saving of solvent and hence reduction in both materials costs and cost of disposal
  • Possibilities for automating the entire process
  • Optimized, validated and certified manufacturin


  • Pharmaceutical compounds and metabolites in biological fluids
  • Drugs of abuse in biological fluids
  • Environmental pollutants in drinking and waste water
  • Pesticides and antibiotics in food / agricultural matrices
  • Desalting of proteins and peptides
  • Fractionation of lipids
  • Water and fat soluble vitamins


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